The strangest wedding

Jul - 7 - 2011

A girl named Erika La Tour (s 37) madly and passionately in love in different subjects. Once her lovers were the bow and arrows and a piece of the Berlin Wall. The last was her love … the Eiffel Tower. She was so captivated by its beauty that she even decided to marry it. Engagement took place at a large gathering of friends and relatives. For such a solemn event Eric even changed her last name, becoming Erika La Tour Eyfe eh.

Man Liu Ye. He was 39 years old and he is passionately in love with … himself.The wedding took place in the town square, surrounded by hundreds of guests. During the ceremony, Lew carefully kept his picture in the traditional attire, carved from foam. When Lew solemnly declared husband and wife, he gleefully thanked the audience and answered some questions:
- Yeah, I’m happy. This marriage is has made ​​me whole “- said a newlywed.

Hermione Way Girl 24 years old was married to Alex – her beloved laptop. The wedding took place in the presence of many guests, though not an official. Hermione hopes to “reach out” to authorities and to change the law.

Le Van. His beloved wife died. Unable to cope with loneliness, Le molded clay doll with the face of the deceased and went to live with her as a living person.Frightened neighbors in the village believe that a clay doll is possessed by evil spirits.

Jin-Kyu Lee. He was 28 years old and he married his pillow for the body. The fact that Gene – a true fan of anime cartoons and shows on the pillow Faith Testarossa, the heroine of the anime “Witch Lyric Nanoha.” Jean was known throughout South Korea, when the country appeared on television film about how happy newlyweds celebrating a joyful event in the restaurant with his “young wife” at a table for two.

However, not all marriages are made by great love. The proof is the recent marriage of young girls … and the engine. Although the present century and is considered the age of high technology, India has probably never heard of it. There still is the opinion that if some mechanism worked well, he should be given to the wife and she will pray for him before the gods. At the wedding, walked the entire village under the ceremonial songs and dances of the bride. Young bride spent the night in the car of her new husband. She was lying naked and sang the mantra.

A resident of Toowoomba in the Australian state of Queensland was married to his dog. According to Joseph Guizo, he took this step for religious reasons. Guizo D. told the representatives of the Australian press, he took his Labrador named Honey five years ago. He began to feel for his dog very strong feelings, and being a very religious man, felt that had to marry Honey. Guizo According to D., he did not have with the Labrador an intimate relationships, he was driven by pure platonic love. He also said that he made ​​the offer when he brought her for a walk. “Honey did not answer me, so I decided that she agreed” – said the Australian.

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