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Feb - 5 - 2012

Frozen nose and fingers? Soul, body and heart require heat, sun, sand and gentle turquoise waves?
Here are couple of ideas where all that is!

The beaches of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
If, flying to Punta Cana, you look out from the window, then your undivided attention possess two spectacles: for many, many miles of stunning white sand, clean, neat lines, which seem endless and beautiful turquoise water which changes its color as it approaches the coast.

Weather in Punta Cana, perhaps most,is constant in the entire Caribbean with very rare rainfall. Wind depends on the location of the beach – it’s easy to have a relaxing breeze provoking you to have a sweet slumber, or it can be a really strong wind.
Beaches of Punta Cana can be divided into six regions : Uvero Alto, Macao Beach, Arena Gorda Beach, El Cortecito , Bavaro Beach, Cabeza de Toro. Most of them are concentrated in the south, where the water is calmer.

While the north, for example, Macao Beach (Playa del Macao), in the winter-spring period can boast of excellent waves for surfing. But strong winds make this beach not the safest.
Beach Playa Bavaro (Bavaro Beach) is entertaining because of its unique reef forms a natural swimming pool with turquoise water beneath the surface of which lies an amazing underwater world.
Dominicus Beach is considered to have the cleanest sand in the Caribbean.

Beach Maya, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand
The beach on which the movie “The Beach” with DiCaprio was filmed is in Thailand and is quite popular among fans of the cinema theater. However, it is known for its scenery and opportunities for exciting diving.
This is a very beautiful bay enclosed on three sides by hundred-meter cliffs. Inside there are several small beaches, some of which is accessible only during low tide. The largest of these beaches with silky white sand and colorful underwater reef with exotic underwater creatures. In fact, the whole bay is a reef.

The bad news is that thanks to its fame and beauty of the bay draws thousands of divers and tourists who swim in dozens of high-speed boats and shipping. If you still want a smaller crowd, you should think about visiting the bay or in the early morning or late afternoon.

Beach Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Perhaps the most famous beach in the world is in Brazil. A wide variety of people, from businessmen to beggars, scurrying back and forth with a variety of purposes. Street performers dance capoeira, campers play beach football and volleyball on a specially made ​​floors.Landscape is made up of the ocean so far as the eye can see, except for the Sugarloaf and Fort Copacabana on the left to the right.

Beach bars are good for relaxing with a beer and some snacks, for example, refeicao – spicy pieces of meat with fried onions,sure to try the coconut water – Agua de Coco!Many artists make sand sculptures there. In general, the ability of local people to earn money in any creative pursuit, ranging from children performing tricks at the traffic light and ending with tattoo, amazing.

Bay Grace Bay, Turks and Kayakos
It is impossible not to appreciate the natural beauty of the clear turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, stretching for 16 kilometers from town on the island to the cave Leeward Thompson.

And also with neighboring luxury villas, hotels and resorts are what makes these beaches one of the best places to bask under the Caribbean sun or diving. Or just snorkeling among the colorful inhabitants of a tropical sea – in any case, do not forget to visit two fantastic place for diving: Reef Reef and Smith’s Cove.

Beaches of the Maldives
Beaches in the Maldives are increasingly gaining popularity among tourists who are not looking for the most well-trodden path, but want to get some of the best places for diving, comfortable hotels, exciting fishing and the beaches of pristine beauty that is breathtaking.

Of course, this is an incredibly difficult task to choose among nearly a thousand beaches, the best, but even among them there stand out: Pristine beaches are beaches on the islands of Maldives Cocoa, Nika and Banyan Tree Island. Untouched nature, soft sand and exotic images of nature are perfect for a luxury holiday in the warmth of the beaches, or an unforgettable honeymoon.

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