Things that fall from the sky

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Sep - 25 - 2011

Representatives from NASA warned that 6.5-ton satellite will fall on Earth, the warning was true. Let’s look at the dangerous, beautiful and great things, who fell from the sky.

NASA warned that 20-year-old satellite will fall to Earth (and he has already fallen).But it is not only object that fell from heaven. (NASA / AP Photo)

Typically, airlines are seriously struggling with the problem of icing engines. So it was pretty amazing, when a piece of ice fell from the plane directly to the roof of the garage of Penny and Bill White in Nevada . Thank God, in an incident no one was hurt, except the tenants had experienced fear and a hole in the roof. Then the representative of the Federation Aviation said that such incidents are an extreme rarity. (Corbis)

The annual Perseid meteor rain – a real show. Shooting stars and meteors pierce the night sky like fireworks. The phenomenon is named after Perseus – the constellation from which the scientists believe, are these meteors. This year, the amateur astronomers were disappointed, as most of the sight hid the moon. To properly enjoy this “space show” should be as far away from the city and look in the direction of the constellation Perseus. (NASA)

Americans in 1979 were probably no less shocked than we are, when they learned that 77.5-ton satellite «American Skylab» will fall from the sky and fly apart, as colorfully written in the newspaper «Time», the “heavenly rain of burning metal, comparable in beauty with the fireworks on Independence Day. ” «Skylab» was the first U.S. space station of its kind, and its fall was unprecedented. In just six years after it was put into orbit, and 10 years after first landing on the moon, «Skylab»was back to earth, falling into the Indian Ocean and to the territory of Western Australia. (SSPL / Getty Images)

Thousands of dead birds fell from the sky over Arkansas in early 2011, and many immediately thought that doomsday is near. However, the massive decline of birds can be explained by the more logical – it probably happened because of bad weather. Such as a strong wind, lightning and hail, or fireworks, especially in rural areas, where birds live in flocks, just scared to death by explosions. (Stephen B. Thornton, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette / AP Photo)

Unlike birds that fell from the sky to Arkansas and Louisiana this year, the fish, which fell in Australia in 2010 were very much alive. And it was not the first ‘fish rain’ in the Australian town of Layyamanu. Such incidents are recorded in 1974 and 2004. At that time, were recorded extreme weather conditions. (Hardy)

The Scots were baffled when they found a strange white jelly, scattered on the grass in 2009. There were different theories, what is that strange sticky liquid.One of it was that this is fungus, mold, or the remains of the female toads or frogs. (Joost J. Bakker IJmuiden / flickr)

This is Canon lens, which fell from the sky right on the roof of a house in Petamule, Calif. , owned by the brave photographer who decided to get out of the plane to make the perfect shot. (George Rose / Getty Images)

The story of the meteorite, which fell on Egypt from Mars 100 years ago, is half legend, half history. It is believed that a meteorite that fell in Alexandria in June 1911, broken from Mars after a Mars meteorite hit the other. According to some historical notes, this story also featured an unhappy dog, which was “lucky” to be on the path of the meteorite. One witness reported that the dog immediately turned into ash. However, the researchers found that when meteors fall to Earth, they cool down, so burning the dog probably a lie. (Photo courtesy of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History)

Probably the most disgusting “thing” that fell from the sky in modern history, is “blue ice”, which is human waste from aircraft toilets. In 2002 a house in Pittsburgh was almost completely covered by this.Because the fact that the airline is responsible they sent a team of workers to clean the house. (PictureNet / Corbis)

The largest object of natural origin, which ever fell from space in North America – is Willamette meteorite. With a weight of 15.5 tons this iron-nickel stone, discovered in 1902, became the sixth largest object of its kind. Willamette was one of the most famous meteorites in history. Among others – the oldest and largest meteorite, which fell on a small commune in France in 1492. In 1803, thousands of meteorites have confirmed the theory of the German physicist Ernst Chladni that there were stones in space. (Boyer, Roger Viollet / Getty Images)

Probably the most valuable object that had fallen from the sky,is … gold ! As earlier studies have shown that the Earth had strong meteor showers that have changed the chemical composition of the planet, which appeared the gold and other precious metals that humanity is so appreciated. (Chris Sattlberger / Corbis)

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