Three-dimensional illusions of Kurt Wenner

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Apr - 11 - 2011

A new book from a selection of street-dimensional illusions Kurt Wenner, a former employee of NASA, who uses mathematical skills to create three-dimensional illusions on sidewalks all over the world. When looking at the correct angle it seems that there are people standing on them, fly through the air, and in situ concrete may seem like a bottomless pit. Kurt perfected his technique in 1982.

Teper, using the skills he perfected over 30 years, he is able to create stereoscopic images such as in the photo above, so that people could walk on the unreal Wide Web, released Spider-Man.

For 25 years, the artist uses complex calculations from his previous work – the creation of conceptual images of extraterrestrial landscapes in NASA – to liven up the floor and walls. Due to the emergence of computer-generated images, he was one of the last artists who studied mechanical expect the prospect of using a pencil, paper and complicated equations. But in 1982 he stopped playing and space projects, once sold all their belongings and moved from the U.S. to Italy, where he now applies his knowledge in the art.

He says: “The drawings look real because they are calculated completely, and mathematically accurate. They would have looked that way, if the objects in my paintings were actually real. I use the rope to limit the distance from the point of view to my drawings. This allows me to calculate exactly what needs to be perspective. The figure midsize takes me five to seven days. ”

It was the first interactive three-dimensional street painting, which combines real people, with their painted reflections. It was created during the street festival of paintings for the Swiss-German documentary film in 1987 in the Grazie Di Curtatone, Italy.

The door to the Caribbean in the New York City in April 2011. Sidewalk in front of the New York Stock Exchange has been transformed into a luxury cruise ship, transporting audiences to exotic destinations.

Three magician brings gifts to children of Queretaro, Mexico, in December 2010.

The woman – the driver in Bahrain in March 2008. This image is a racing car F1 was cut a hole for the audience, the better to be photographed.

This work was created in Rome in March 2008 to celebrate the 500 th anniversary of the arrival of Leonardo da Vinci in Milan.

Cyclist Bradley Wiggins goes from Southbank in the rainforest, the painting titled “Forest Road, in October 2010.

Kurt is sitting on the painting titled “Armchair traveler” at Waterloo Station in London, in January 2010.

“Money Pit” at Waterloo Station in October 2008. This painting depicts the bank’s security guard, standing over a pit full of banknotes, it was the first stereoscopic picture painted on the floor, ever created by glasses Colorcode.

Million signatures in Brussels, Belgium in November 2010. European Commission gave a million signatures to continue further study of genetically modified crops.

Early anamorphic three-dimensional picture in Lucerne, Switzerland, 1985

The magic of the artist on the streets of the world are now collected in his new book “Asphalt Renaissance Publishing Sterling Innovation, which is available now through Amazon.

Portrait of Kurt Wenner in London.

This is one of the three interactive drawings on the sidewalks, created for the company’s Buick in 2009, in Herald Square in New York.

Model of the Herald Square. Drawing on the asphalt in conjunction with a vertical panel that betrays an additional height of the image, and allows him to place in a limited space.

«Aqua Panna» in V winery in Napa, California.

Three-dimensional image of the dragon in 2010 in Taiwan.

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