Tips for drawing pencil sketches fast!

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Dec - 27 - 2010

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Some people a bit ‘bored and frustrated when they spend there time struggling to add lines to improve their work, so if you need a simple but powerful, it’s time to pre-between, you’ll need to learn the proper technique, which helps you to capture the vital elements.

Firstly you should forget the rules. You are about to learn how to draw a different way and just go on the final result. Assuming you are happy with the pencil drawing end, it matters little whether you have used techniques to get there?
Remember that often (depending on the subject or the Committee) does not accurately reproduce the drawing. You can add your own elements to make it more personal.
Now I will suggest you that don’t try to be too fixed in style. Do experiment and try out different techniques, you may be pleasantly surprised that you like. Although painting and drawing is a very visual process, so try to add the emotions and feelings too in your pencil sketches, because it will add new expressions in your work, if you can feel the object, then it will be useful to others, to see their work.
When you are going to draw something, firstly you should work with all the basic functionality of the drawing. If you can catch the details soon, so you can add other details later.
To improve this technique is to do a little practice and permit to draw a minute or less to complete. If you do this regularly, you will soon realize how the speed and accuracy improvement.
In your pencil drawing art and painting should have fun and feature certainly captures this element, beyond this, you will also train your brain to react when you feel you must spend time together with your work of art. This way, you can spend less time procrastinating and helps you get more.

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