Top 10 gadgets that do not fall in price

Aug - 23 - 2011

At the time, as the most sophisticated and technologically advanced gadgets are getting cheaper every day, good old gold is more expensive and more expensive. Not for nothing that he invested billions of dollars of stockbrokers, bankers, and the whole state! So why not make a gadget out of pure gold? And do you know. In our review – the 10 most beautiful, expensive gadgets and shiny precious metal, which is not terrible falling liquidity.

Gold iPhone for the poor If you have not even scraped together a paltry Nice lock, but the endeavor seem a poor man, then the iPhone model of gold – for you. It costs less time in the thirty preceding – only a $ 108 880, which afford even a modest earning yuppie. Gold Headphones If you do, putting on school lunches have accumulated on the smartphone of pure gold, then your problems are just beginning. Are you going to stick to this pathetic gadget headphones? So all the show-off to lose for long. It is better to take advantage of special iPhones headphones from the Stockholm designer Anna Larson: 24-karat gold will maintain the reputation yablomana. iPad 2 of pure gold And so close to the apple theme of course, a noble family of gadgets Apple has not been without iPad. Golden release tablets have been taken specifically for the rich Arab sheiks of Dubai, and its cost was $ 5,500. This corresponds to 62 and a half barrels of oil, which for the present Sheikh quite a bit. Gold Nefertiti Although, you know, iPhone – it’s still too mainstream for the yuppie who suffer Midas syndrome. Much better – an exclusive mobile phone, for example, Givori Nefertiti, which produced a total of 50 pieces. It is true that potential customers can scare an unacceptable price: only 4400 dollars. We need more gold! Gold Xbox 360 Nobody can boast top boxes as children. And if you buy an ordinary, unsuspecting children Xbox 360 for 4999 dollars with a coating of pure gold – the poor child runs the risk of bloat and burst with pride. Gold Xbox: Samovar-mod If you are not yet ready to collect the scraps of a burst of pride to scoop the child, it has a soft version of the same Xbox 360 22-carat gold (917 samples) are covered with only a joystick and headphones worth $ 1000 console only, and is equipped with a terrifying kind of gold chain . The most expensive flash drive The most expensive flash drive in the world called White Lake (“White Lake”), and it is made of gold and diamonds. It cost 10 685 dollars, but just buy it – it’s still not cool. The Royal Wii I wonder, does the Queen of England in the console games? Guidelines known in the business of publishing and game development company THQ long not bother with this issue and resolved: does not play, so play! It is only necessary to give the Queen a gilt console Nintendo Wii, as it begins to chop crazy rabbits lightsabers in the fields of WWII, not releasing a racing wheel. Keyboard gold And here, perhaps, the most accessible for fans of pure gold object gilded keyboard. It costs only 271 dollars, or 28.875 yen. This keyboard makes the Japanese firm Wazakura Koubou. In this review we will end gadgets made of pure gold. All of them from the stick to the console, one thing: if it turns tightly, they can always be melted down.

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