Top 10 most expensive cocktails

Sep - 2 - 2011

You love to go on a day off to the bar and drink a couple of cocktails? For fans of ten most exclusive, and therefore expensive cocktails.

10th place – Truffle Martini, price $ 100.
You can try this cocktail only in a London hotel Rocco Forte’s Browns Hotel. The structure of exotic drink is a martini and a chocolate liqueur, but the highlight of the cocktail is crushed truffle, soaked in vodka for two days.

9th place – Ritz Sidecar, price 515 dollars.
This cocktail can be enjoyed in the bar “Hemingway” Paris hotel “Ritz”. However, if you want to try this masterpiece, you should hurry. The thing is that in addition to lemon juice and Cointreau in the drink is very rare cognac “1830 Ritz Reserve», whose stock a few bottles. The whole uniqueness of the cognac is rare varieties of grape from which it is made. As it became known, the berries to produce elite drink was collected before the invasion of the insect phylloxera mercilessly destroyed all French vineyards.

8th place – Magie Noir, price $ 550.
The basis of this refined cocktail of blackberry cream liqueur Creme de Mure,is Dom Perignon champagne and cognac Hennessy.You can try this only in one place, the London club Umbaba. This masterpiece was created by local bartender Gyle Andre, and inspired by the maestro for his creation of young bankers, patrons of the club. One day they just wanted something more exotic than the traditional bottle of champagne Crystal.
To make the a special piquancy,he decided to add a litchi pulp, lemon juice and a rare African tree bark extract Yohibe, commonly known as a natural aphrodisiac. Cocktails are served in crystal glass with a straw, made ​​of 24 carat white gold, for which the designs had a hand in the famous jeweler Tom Binns.

7th place – High Roller Martini, price $ 1,000.
Gourmets can sample this cocktail in a restaurant Capital Grille in Las Vegas. The cost of the drink is not determined by its composition and unique taste. First, half of the cost of the cocktail comes to charity. Yes, and the cocktail is served with a glass rod, which threaded ring, encrusted with small diamonds.

6th place – Kentucky Derby’s Special Mint Julep, the price of $ 1000.
Racing can not take place without the elite and the elite can not do without cocktails. In the United States at the annual Kentucky Derby horse race spectators try to offer a special drink, the composition of which at first glance is quite simple: the brandy and water, mint, sugar and ice. Is it really that easy? However, the price level and quality are determined by a cocktail of all components. In the beverage is added collectible whiskey Woodford Reserv, mint leaves are delivered directly from Ireland, the best sugar from Australia, and ice – cold from the Bavarian Alps. It is obvious that such a luxury not everyone can afford. The drink is served in golden goblets with silver tubes.

5th – Mai Taim, price $ 1,400.
This cocktail can be enjoyed in a five star hotel Bulinski Merchant Hotel. Its basis is the Jamaican rum, which the world remains no more than 6 bottles. As reported by the owners of the hotel, each bottle of rum in the cellar is under heavy guard.

4th place – Platinum Passion, price $ 1,500.
This cocktail is perhaps the most exotic in our rating.You can buy a glass of this drink in a New York restaurant Duvert Lounge. Cocktail is composed of an elite French Champagne Ruinart and Collector’s Cognac L’Esprit de Courvoisier.A special taste is from fresh lemon juice, passion fruit syrup, fruit, cane sugar and wild honey. Another highlight of the cocktail is the orchid, which decorates every glass.

3rd place – Sapphire Martini, the price of $ 3,000.
Sapphire martini is served at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. A large value of this drink is determined by its composition. The cocktail includes liqueur Blue Curacao, a London dry gin Bombay Sapphire and a few drops of dry vermouth. It is served in a glass with designer trim of blue sugar. A banal martini olive replaced by a pin made ​​of silver, at the end of which hung small earrings. Blue sapphires are framed by ornamentation on platinum.

2nd – Diamond Cocktail, 4350 price dollars.
Diamond cocktail can be enjoyed in the bar Piano Bar in London. As part of an elite part of an amazing drink cognac Remy Martin Louis XII, cost $ 2,000 per bottle, and Champagne Charles Heidsieck Vintage 2001. To cocktail is added a piece of sugar and 3 drops of the beater. Also, the glass is decorated with a diamond the size of which determines the final cost of the cocktail. The maximum price of such temptations – $ 9,000.

1st place – Martini Of The Rock, price $ 10,000.
This cocktail is without doubt the dream of every woman. You can only try it in the bar the New York hotel Algonquin Hotel. It is believed that it perfectly removes thirst. Meanwhile, cocktail recipe is simple – a glass of cold martinis and in it the diamond of 1.5 carats. And the bar staff of their wish to try this cocktail is to warn in advance, and a stone for a drink one can choose himself.

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