Top 10 most unusual solar gadgets and devices

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Jul - 18 - 2011

Solar panels are increasingly being introduced into our lives. Not only in the form of large panels installed on rooftops or on the ground, but also in the form of small gadgets used in everyday life. Here are a dozen of the most unusual and useful devices, equipped with solar panels.

Solar Shower
Earlier in the summer days we heated water for showers, installing tanks directly under the scorching rays of the sun, now you can just use the solar panels that produce electricity, heat water, and built it into a shower.

Sunny Strap for Cameras
Every traveler knows that it is bad, when you have the most interesting moment at the new place and your camera battery is discharged. But with a strap Solar Camera Strap with a built-in solar panels such an incident will not happen.

Sunny swimsuit
And on the beach girl wants to listen to music, sitting with the netbook, to talk on a cell phone. The thing that will help them is a swimsuit with solar panels, Solar Bikini. With such a bikini, you can not worry about your gadget is discharged.

Sunny chair
Solar chair Solar Lounge Chair – a perfect place to relax in the fresh air, without losing the opportunity to work on your computer or listen to music for a long time. It also glows in the dark!

The biggest solar boat
It turns out that nowadays it is possible to travel around the world, without using any energy sources other than natural. An example of this can be a PlanetSolar – the world’s largest yacht, powered by solar panels, and created specifically for circumnavigation.

Solar dress
Dress Day For Night Dress – this is another item of clothing with solar panels. But, unlike solar bikini, generated energy is needed not to charge the batteries gadgets, but to look just charming in the dark. After all, it glows in the dark with colored lights!

The fastest solar car
This winter in Australia , car Sunswift IVy overclocked to a speed of 88 kilometers per hour. A modest rate as for cars. Unless, of course,you take into account that Sunswift IVy moved by the energy obtained exclusively by solar panels installed on it!

Usually dark glasses are needed to simply reduce the amount of sunlight that fall into the eyes of man. But the glasses Self-Energy Converting Sunglasses generate energy from the sun and feed your pocket gadgets and devices.

Solar Bag
Do you already have a Tablet PC? Yes? Then you’ll love Dry Bag Voltaic Spark Tablet Case, which protects the gadget from external influences, and charge its battery with solar panels installed on its surface.

Sunny cockroach
Robot cockroach Solar Cockroach can not do anything but run on a flat surface on which you left it. But he can do it virtually forever! After all, energy in this artificial insect is from a small solar panel installed on its “back.”

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