Top 10 unusual devices against theft

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Jun - 5 - 2011

The only truly reliable protection against thieves – is the lack of property. And if you are not yet ready to give good and get away with a wallet on the horizon, singing spiritual songs, then you should consider: how to protect the wealth? In this survey – the 10 most unusual devices, which, if not save you from theft, then at least pretty amuse thieves.

Notebook – remarkable, in terms of the thief thing: it weighs little, is worth a lot. But precisely because of their small size notebooks as easy to disguise. For example, under the … yesterday’s newspaper. Producers of “Newspaper Notebook case” offer a choice of five different versions of “newspapers” from those that are even thieves do not Pozar.

If your sandwiches cause co-workers not only hungry saliva, but their overtures snitch, then there is a solution. Bags with a naturalistic picture of mold repulse of office hunters sandwiches not only the criminal plans, and even appetite. However, you, too. Perhaps, this method is too radical.

Luggage – so tasty morsel for the thief that the kidnappers suitcases even stood out in a separate caste called maydanschiki. Their work can greatly complicate the concept TravSAFE, which is when you try to pull the suitcase out of the hands whiff of colored smoke and screaming the entire station, if the suitcase trying to tear off the floor without your participation. Thieves Guild disappointed that gadget.

Some people are very worried when someone is drinking from their mugs, using the absence of an angry owner. For such cases, designed mug with gag: leaving the mug, you just take out the cork with me. Particularly well this circle to protect against thieves-professionals: the prison notions of dishes with a hole – it … well, very bad.

There just are not techniques invented car owners hoping to secure the steel horses – but in every garage, there exists a Jury Detochkin. And what if to scare the thief? This goal could not be better serve as a very impressive field of small lightning: very few people dare to even come close to the vehicle under the protection of Tesla alarms – although in reality the lightning is not dangerous.

It turns out, theft of umbrellas – a common phenomenon even in the most civilized countries. Vehicle theft can be a plastic pen, handcuffed with a hood can be attached to the wrist. This method will save the umbrella, not only from thieves but also from your own distraction.

And still the leader of theft in the EU – bicycles. To protect them, was invented by an unusual wheel, which “breaks” when you turn the key. Broken Spoke deter thieves, and in fact on such wheels will not get far.

My house – my fortress, is not it? And if so, then the guns on the defense! True, set in private homes have guns (so far) impossible, but against the paintball gun law does not seem to mind. Automatic turret leads to the enemy and pours it kraskonosnymi volleys. Affected such a weapon a thief can be easily calculated, even in a crowd of clowns.

Better safe – not one that is impregnable, and that which is invisible. Let dodger-shniffer trying to break a steel door, and money and valuables can be securely stored in the … outlet.

Perhaps the most useful and reliable gadget from thieves – it’s still video camera. But it is not easy, but fake. It is very economical, and psychological effect creates the same: Well, what idiot would steal under the nose of the camera?

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