Tropical garden on the hill of Monte

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Jul - 11 - 2012

Tropical Garden, located on the hill of Monte in Funchal – perhaps one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island. Generally, Madeira is exceptionally rich in its parks and gardens- chosen at random Jardim Tropical Monte Palace and did not regret about it.

The garden is at the top of Monte, the slopes of a densely built-up houses ,town of Funchal. The easiest way to get there – take the funicular station which is located on the waterfront, near the center.

The line length of just over 3700 meters passes over the city and is very pretty attraction. In general, during a walk through the garden, occasionally removing the battery and making them different shamanic actions could still do a couple-dozen shots.

Actually, accidentally looking (had to return home) in the booklet that we got together with the tickets, we were surprised to find that there was not only an excellent map of the territory, but cited different routes.

For example, the route for those interested in flora and fauna. Or the route for those interested in history and art. Or a combination – and includes first and second.

Of course, all of varying degrees of saturation and with a different time of passage. We wandered a couple of hours, randomly selecting the turns. Although, judging by all the same map, something is still missing.

Personally, I’m generally very pleased with the cultural eclecticism of the route. In addition to the traditional Portuguese pottery was discovered in a tropical garden is not a bad collection of African sculptures – partly along the tracks in the form of a rather impressive display in the museum. At the museum I did not have enough battery power.

From the entrance to the garden to the central pond is a track, with ceramic panels in pictures narrating the heroic Portuguese history. We, however, soon turned into the bush – it was interesting to wander through the more lively part of the garden.

History of Portugal on ceramic panels looks like a colorful comic book .

Apart from African motives and historical comics, some tracks are decorated with works made in traditional Portuguese technique of painting on ceramics – azulezhu.

Here is one of them – close-up.

Another area – not far from the museum. Abstract adjacent to antiquity.

With regard to flora, March, apparently, is not the best month to visit -but we did see something.

In the park we also come across a small pool with aquatic plants.

Or dense thickets of bamboo – mainly in the Japanese part of the garden.

Separately pleased with peacocks, which are calmly strolling near the pavilion of four elements. There you can admire other birds, but others are not so free – sitting together in a large cage.

One of the fountains in the garden. Especially look colorful fish (or babies sitting room there?).

Actually the palace of Monte – in its history, the building has changed many owners, currently there is Berardo Foundation – an organization that deals with the preservation and development of the garden.

View of the Palace from the observation deck.

View of the city with the same observation deck in front of the palace. Far below you can see the port and the center of Funchal, a great pagoda in the frame – the Southern part of the Japanese garden.

The wall in the Northern Japanese garden. On plates painted story of Japanese-Portuguese relations.

Another piece of Japan – the samurai statue. In general, the abundance of this element in the design of the Japanese is due to personal preference founding father – Joe Bernard. He was so fascinated by Eastern culture that he tried to recreate the right atmosphere to create this garden.

One of the most publicized images of Madeira – photos of Central Lake. It is surrounded on all sides by walkways, and can be seen from almost anywhere in the garden. In general, here we had an extra reason to rejoice that we have come in “low season” – visitors could be counted on the fingers, and no one bothered to photograph. I suspect that in the midst of the summer near the lake is not overcrowded.

The same lake on the other side.

While strolling through the garden – found some cool grottoes. In one of the caves is a long tunnel, lost somewhere deep in the darkness, but lattice prevented a subterranean journey.
Those who suddenly appears in Madeira – visiting Tropical Garden is strongly recommend, definitely – one of the most picturesque places on the island.

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