Underground MMA in New York

Jul - 24 - 2011

Mixed martial arts, which gradually occupy the niche that held the box for many years, still remain for many young New Yorkers through the glory and new life. But often, such a sports career does not bode well as MMA in most cases are illegal. Photographer Francesco Enselmi edition of “The Wall Street Journal” to observe for one of the young men of New York by Jonathan Figueroa, in an attempt to show the world the underground arena for fighting.

Coach Jonathan cheers before the fight, which takes place in a ring of underground boxing hall Kid Kelly in Brooklyn.

Figueroa tries to escape from the grip of the enemy’s grip – Dante Thomas.

A few blank shots.

Figueroa waving his arms, trying to confuse the enemy.

Figueroa was hit in the stomach. Opponents are locked in a clinch.

Figueroa sent the opponent knocked down.

After another bout Figueroa went to one of the hospitals in East Harlem, New York.

Figueroa needed an ambulance.

Mandatory meditation before training.

Preparing for the next battle.

And again in the battle. This time the battle takes place in one of the halls in the Bronx.

A little break.

Figueroa is preparing to inflict a blow to his opponent with his elbow, which is not prohibited in underground fights, but it is forbidden in official tournaments.

Figueroa hug his opponent after the bout.

The soldier jumped into the street to do a breath of fresh air.

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