Unusual artifacts out of the money

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Oct - 16 - 2011

Oh, money, money, money … They are not just for what they would earn and then spend , they also serve as material for high art of money!
Origami Money have a double value. In addition to its nominal monetary value master origami invest their talent and eventually make excellent work that pleased to give and receive as a gift.

This is the original flavor, say, a girlfriend, you catch two rabbits at once, or more simply – give two gifts in one. And prove how much you way. In monetary bouquet of roses stylishly combines the two most popular gift – flowers and money. The color spectrum of these roses range from yellowish-pink tones to blue-green (the currency in which those who prefer).

The range of handicrafts is increasing every day. One of the clearest examples are the artifacts of money for the wedding. In crafts, hand made, you put your energy, and thus giving a little of his warmth and kindness to those around you.

Scott Campbell is a well-known tattoo artist, who arranged an art exhibition, titled respectively “make it rain”, which served as exhibits laser cut in bundles of dollar bills works of art, for example, a gentle flower, made of Chinese Yuan.

Of these flowers is this composition.

Quite a nice fish, just a jeweler’s work.

Monetary payment, the creation of which lasted about 50 thousand pounds, including bills and coins!

Still gorgeous dress, every girl would not refuse such, but agree that in today’s crisis, is blasphemy.

Scott Campbell has found another use of his talent: in his spare a tattoo parlor while he carves sculptures from the most complicated bank notes with the same tool – tattoo machine. The most expensive object in the exhibition – the skull, cut into the box – nominally worth 11 thousand dollars: that this amount were used for banknotes.

A stunning flower with a diamond in the center.

Tired of white paper, seasoned masters of origami with money taken from different countries and make a great and funny portraits of top officials. Origami out of money already is recognized around the world, sub-section of origami. Non-standard proportions bill encourages inventing new sophisticated crafts.

And you already have a desire to learn this fun and interesting art?

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