Unusual food products

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Apr - 12 - 2011

Thinking, creativity in the food – it’s unusual design of the dish or an unusual combination of ingredients?
And here and there. Quite ordinary products can be represented in such a way that does not immediately eat and make up your mind.

Pasta – Bacon
Each tube of liquid bacon is designed for 16 servings – equivalent to 64 slices of bacon.

Sushi Tube
Easily portable tube from the land. Creative stuff from Japan is simple – pushing from below, eating at the top.

Golden Spray
Allows you to cover with gold (edible) any of your favorite foods, although meat patty.

Hianchang Hao from China grows and sells pears in the form of statues of Buddha.

Canned cheeseburger
For critics of McDonald’s – this meal combines all the “good” is not only fast food, but also canned products.

Coffee inhaler
Device from Lee Vifa sprays mikrochastichki coffee straight into your mouth.

Mori ex Cacao (Chocolate death) – a set of cute chocolate skulls with an unreal amount on the price list.
Who knows, maybe in the world there are girls who are a collection of chocolates will please on Valentine’s Day.

Candy “Daniel Craig” on a stick
Rather, the candy on a stick “Daniel Craig”. Developed supermegakompaniey Del Monte.

Bun on a stick
No, it’s not as sweet rolls, roll it in the form of candy. Perfect solution for parties and banquets.

Chocolate tablets
Will help to combat all diseases, since banish depression and elevate mood.

Egg Roll
Forget something tasty, fragrant creation of your grandmother’s fried onions and golden brown.
Before you a typical representative of today’s meal – a pitiful semblance of a hen’s egg.

Pyramid watermelon
Like most of the food, the watermelon from Japan. There is a suspicion that we have would this not caught on – as if the sellers on its round side tapped?

Horn with a pizza
Pizza in a cone – the latest and most fashionable trend in the fast food industry.

Incredible carved mi

There are only 135 known miniature boxwood carvings known to ...

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