Urban golf – golf on city streets

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Apr - 20 - 2012

Several years ago, golf, a favorite game of the English aristocracy, was added to the list of Olympic sports. This is not surprising, because her fans with each passing year it becomes more and more, according to statistics in the world there are more than 100 million people. Traditionally, the players are going to the golf clubs, but those for whom it is problematic, can go to the clubs right on the street and score goals for fun. Such “street games” have been called – the city golf course (Urban Golf) !

The very name of Urban Golf indicates that this is an analog of the traditional game, but adapted to urban conditions. Bumpy streets and gray asphalt, all kinds of construction sites and parking lots – obstruction of local in any city there are many. Their special appeal lies in the fact that they change rapidly, allowing players to improve their technique and hone skills. Lampposts may well be replaced by trees and buildings will become an alternative to wood, sewage – with sand bunkers.

Interestingly, the first idea of ​​a city golf course established in 1992, Brian Schilling, an ordinary office worker from Berlin. The man began to play golf in the territory, which was located not far from his place of work. Today, fans of this sport has a great many around the world.

Of course, the game has undergone some changes with regard to adapting it to the street environment. For example, to hit the ball on the pavement is quite difficult, so participants are encouraged to use a small mat. Yes, and dig a hole in the asphalt is problematic, so players use special trays, problem players – hit the target. However, the main difference between the urban golf is that the game uses special balls made of leather and stuffed with goose feathers. The fact that the traditional golf balls are too hard and may injure passers-by.

Urban Golf – a great alternative to the classic golf. Players do not need to adhere to specific dress code or special regulations. An unconventional approach to the image of golfers showed Jonathan Bartlett in a series of drawings in the style of the 50s , members of the golf club is dedicated to one of his works!

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