Volkswagen Mini-Gol – a car for little people

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Dec - 5 - 2011

People of small stature are often faced with the problem of movement, and even if they acquire for themselves a vehicle, they have to work hard to adapt it to their miniature settings. The automotive industry worldwide, focused mainly on people with normal growth, also they do not want to change something in the well-established automotive standards.

In the Brazilian branch of the automaker Volkswagen released the first car in the world for the little people, whose growth was less than 1.53 m. The new mini-car was given the name Volkswagen Mini-Gol and is a replica of the hatchback sold in Brazil, VW Gol reduced by 30%.

Unlike its’ big brother »VW Mini-Gol has a length of 2.25 m and the height of the car allows people to rise up to five feet freely and, more importantly, comfortable to drive. Under the hood of a car for an engine capacity only 5.5 horsepower, which can disperse the mini-hatch to 27 km / h.

Total production id two cars in the series, but the manufacturer does not exclude the possibility of further production of these limited edition mini-cars.

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