What happens to those who are the first to be drunk at the party

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Oct - 11 - 2015

The main rule for all – never, under any circumstances, be drunk before everyone else. Nothing good for you will happen. Drunk people are ruthless, and if among them there are those who are sober – even worse, because they are bored at a party, and the only way to have fun for them – it is a mockery of the others. Do not wait until it happens to you – learn from the mistakes of others!

Whoever did this obviously very seriously approached the issue.

Interestingly, he woke up when they fell? ..

“Autobots, transform!”

Be careful not to spill the beer!

Do not know about you, but we are really afraid of those eyes.

When the drawing of the members are transferred to the drawing of marine life …

What brutality!

How did he manage not to wake up ?!


This trick requires serious training … all the participants.

Silver marker gives a special charm.

“We felt that it was cold, so we decided to throw it all that comes to hand.”

Warning! This are not the wings!

Even if you do not have elegant posture, it is possible to correct with body art!

Rest in peace. Bet on the morning he will smell like a real alcoholic.

We have only one question: what ?!

That awkward moment when you realize how sticky lollipops really are.

Incredible carved mi

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