Who and when invented toilet paper rolls?

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May - 23 - 2012

How did our ancestors had to shift to natural needs when mastered to produce an elementary hygiene! Francois Rabelais believed that the nicer way to do this with a live duck.

In ancient Rome, adapted to the needs of the sponge: it was fastened on a stick and then placed in a bowl of salt water. Vikings wipe clumps of wool, Native Americans – all sorts of leaves and cobs of corn. French kings came to this question is very elegant and did it with lace and linen rags. Use in this case the Chinese were the first paper, but not mere mortals, but only the emperors.

Much later in the paper and went over all the others around the world: They used old newspapers, catalogs, almanacs. Only in the 1857 New Yorker Joseph Gayetti occurred to cut neat squares of paper and packaged in bundles.

He was so proud of his invention that each piece of paper printed his name. Set the name of the person who invented toilet paper in the fold rolls, it is not possible: the first time such rolls began to produce an American paper mill “Scott Paper” in 1890.

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